A Guide to Increasing User Engagement for Your App

Mobile apps have changed the world. These powerful software pieces allow you to do an incredible range of activities all from your smartphone: order your groceries, conduct remote meetings, or even help you meditate. They’ve also allowed companies to market themselves in a more accessible way to their audiences since all their customers need to reach them is to tap on the app.

You’re probably well-aware of this, which is why you’ve spent so much time on your mobile application development. You’ve successfully acquired over 10,000 users, which means your job is done, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case.

Although getting users to download your app is essential to building and scaling it, it doesn’t mean that they’ve automatically converted. In fact, there’s a big chance that without further effort on your part, they’ve downloaded your app onto their phone and completely forgotten about it. Here’s what you need to know about increasing user engagement for your app:

Understanding Engagement

Getting users to sign up on your app is one thing, but engaging them makes them come back and use your app, ultimately leading to conversion. The goal is to get users to interact with your app, not just download it.

Keeping your users engaged is crucial for motivating them to use your app and do the activities you want them to perform, like read your content, purchase something, or overall spend time on it. The more they’re engaged, the more successful your app will be.

3 Tips to Increase Your App’s User Engagement

Now that you understand what engagement is and its importance to your app, here are a few tips to help you get started:

Personalize Onboarding

When you onboard your users, you’re offering them a first impression that can make or break their interest in your app. Onboarding starts as soon as they load your app, and the very first screen they see is your most crucial chance to impress your users. It takes users half a second to make an opinion about a website or an app, so you’ll need to make sure you provide them with an excellent onboarding experience. That way, they’ll keep using the app and interacting with your brand, ultimately boosting your revenue.

To do this, remind your users of the app’s value proposition right when they open the app. If your company sells homemade pottery, you can tell users to “find their dream vase today!” on the sign-up page. Ensure that you tailor the onboarding process based on the user data you collect, which observes their in-app actions. If your app is complex, explain the essential features that will help them achieve their downloading goals. You can then walk them through more elements of your app once they’ve finished the basics.

Tailor Push Notifications

Push notifications are notorious for being both a boon and a bane to users and companies alike. Overdoing it even by a hair’s width can be enough to make your users turn off notifications forever or even stop using your app altogether. To prevent this, create engaging push notifications that offer relevant and valuable content to the user. Again, this is where user data becomes essential, as you can customize push notification messaging based on their app behavior. Ensure that your push notifications lead to a product or feature of the app that it is advertising; otherwise, your user will be frustrated.

Publish Customized Content

Digital product design goes beyond making sure the app looks nice and presentable–you also need to supply your users with a consistent stream of specific and useful information. That way, you can improve their chances of conversion while engaging them further.

The more relevant content you offer to your users, the more likely they’ll return to your app and use it. You can also customize content further by recommending similar products to the one they’ve purchased and asking users to rate what they’ve seen on your app. That way, you can curate your recommendations to your users, encouraging them to use your app even more.


App engagement is crucial to your venture’s success, as acquiring many users won’t translate to improved revenue. You’ll need a strategy to get your users to come back and use your app, which will lead them to convert. Using these tips to boost user engagement on your app will help you achieve your business milestones and surpass your key performance indicators.

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